Conventional vs. Digital Photograpy

Advances in the field of photography are taking place at a tremendous pace and digital photography is the most significant among them. Until digital technology photography was invented, traditional cameras made use of film to capture images which needed processing, using certain special techniques as well as chemicals to bring out a picture.

Conventional Photography

In conventional Photography, a photograph is taken by means of a traditional camera, get the exposed film chemically processed, and then goes on to print the picture on photographic paper. As in most cases, opinions differ as to which photography is better, with experts arguing about the pros and cons.

Digital Photography

However, this is not the case with digital photography where digital images are displayed, stored, printed, and even edited by means of software like Photoshop. Photoshop is also used for creating webdesign and design for games, also for online casino games. It is really important for online casino games to have an appealing design that makes the player feel home. A player can often use free spins to try the games out before submitting any money.

There is one great advantage in digital photography and that is you are able to see all the photos that you have captured instantly. These pictures look a whole lot better than the what is captured using the old instant cameras made by Polaroid, with the expensive film.


Of course, there are similarities between conventional and digital photography. Both cameras are really alike in the matter of capturing pictures. They make use of a set of lenses for focusing light to capture images of any scene with this difference: while a conventional camera focuses light on to the film, the digital camera does so on to a semiconductor gadget to record the light by electronic means. After this, built-in computer breaks the electronic information into digital mode.

No wonder life has become a whole less complicated with the advent of digital photography.

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