Photography : Introduction

What is Photography?

Photography is the art of capturing an object and converting it to a digital or a physical image. The object can be anything such as flowers, trees, or people. The digital image can be stored in a USB drive, memory card, hard disk etc., where as the physical image is printed on a sheet of paper by developing the film.

Photography was invented in the 18th century. During that period, the device used to capture objects was very big and it took more time to develop the image. Nowadays, it is possible to take a photograph with a small device the size of a button.

Initially, photography used only two colors Black and White. Later on, color photography was invented, and it was possible to create all colors using the combination of the basic ones: Red, Blue and Green. (RGB).

Even though Photography is an interesting toy for most people in the world, not all of them can become a professional photographer as it involves understanding various techniques, and needs lpatience.

What is a Camera?

An object is captured using this remote sensor device, as it does not establish any physical connection with the object. The essential parts of any camera are below:

  • Lens – The lens is usually made of glass, and is used to focus and capture the light emitted by the object for converting that to an image. It is very small in size. The lens can be compared to viewing an object through a paper by placing a small hole in it.
  • Body – The body is usually called a light-tight box and it only allows the light to be captured on the surface.
  • Surface – The surface can be a film (analog camera) or a digital sensor (digital camera).
  • Shutter – The shutter is used for opening/closing the lens of the camera. In recent cameras, it is also used to control the amount of light falling on the surface.

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