Photography : Tips for Candid Photography


Candid shots are very challenging as it solely depends on only the skills of the photographer. It is taken in a natural way as people don’t pose for this type of photography. Generally, candid shots are taken in events like marriage receptions, social gatherings and more. The following tips will definitely help the newbies to take good candid photographs.

Don’t use flashes

This is the first thing a photographer has to remember before taking candid shots as the flash light immediately gets the attention of the people and distracts them from what they are doing. So don’t use flashes at all for taking candid shots.

Use zoom lens

If the photographer is located at a long distance, then it will be easy to take candid shots as the people won’t know that they are being captured. In this case, it is necessary to use a lens with long zoom abilities like a telephoto lens.

Take multiple shots quickly

This is a simple trick in candid shots but works very well. Take multiple shots of the scene or object simultaneously without a break. Definitely one or two of them will be worth it.

Catch dynamic actions

Instead of catching people with no action, it is good to catch moving people or people doing some activities like talking, laughing, reading and more. Live actions are an excellent choice for candid photographs.

Use Priority Modes

Most of the DSLR or professional cameras will have two modes namely Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority. In AP mode, the shutter speed is automatically set according to the f-number and ISO values which are manually set by the photographer. In SP mode, the f-number is set automatically according to the shutter speed and ISO values which are set manually. SP mode is best suited for taking live sports whereas AP mode is used for night mode or when the light is dark.

Always keep the camera

The most important rule in Candid photography. The photographers should always keep the camera with them and ready to shoot at any time. Otherwise, they will miss the important shots.

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