Photography : Tips for Landscape Photography


To become a good photographer, it is necessary to know the tips and techniques involved in various types of photography. Landscape photography is more closely associated with nature than other genres of photography. The following tips will help to take good landscape photographs.

Maximize the area of coverage

It is always advisable to cover a wide area for taking any landscape photograph. The landscape may be a mountain, valley, water falls, river and more.

Choose good viewpoints

A viewpoint or focal point is crucial for any genre of photography as it can completely alter the nature of the photograph. Explore the area fully , find out the various view points and choose the best ones before taking photographs. The view point can be the top of a rock, roof of the building and more.

Don’t miss the ‘Golden Hour’

Golden Hour is nothing but the one-hour duration after sunrise and before sunset. It is the favorable time slot for most of the professional photographers for taking pictures as the sun will be higher in the sky and will neither be too bright nor dark.

Move along with the weather

There is no rule that photographs should be taken only during good weather. Observe the sunlight and how its reflections change the nature of the landscape. The same area will look different depending on the time the photograph was taken. It is possible to take some great photographs even during rain, thunder as well as lightning.

Don’t stick to one approach

Photography is not a text book which has got only limited pages. It is unlimited and depends on the imagination of the photographer. There is no rule like only horizontal shots are allowed. Vertical shots and diagonal shots are also possible. It is good to try all types of permutations and combinations with the camera. Exploring landscapes is always enjoyable and more trials will make an excellent photographer.

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