Photography : Tips for Night Photography


Night photography is very challenging for the photographers as they don’t get the daylight at all. Also, they have to take care of the artificial lights without a blur. Night time is not the favorite slot for many photographers as it needs long exposures and lots of patience. But it is possible to create wonderful photographs during dusk, night and dawn using the following tips and techniques.

Use Tripods

A tripod is nothing but a stand with three legs and used as a placeholder for the camera. It is very handy at night because the photographer needs to focus for a long time to capture images.

Focus manually instead of Auto

It is best practice to use manual focus at night instead of auto focus as it can cause a lot of blurs during the night. Focusing manually will help to create a sharper and good quality image as we can clearly see the object through the viewfinder and adjust the lens accordingly.

Use Aperture Priority (AP) mode

It is wise to set the AP mode during the night as it helps to set the f-number(used for measuring the speed of the lens). The shutter speed of the camera is adjusted automatically to match the f-number.

Using Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lens is a good choice for taking photographs at night as its focal length is smaller than the conventional lens which helps to cover more area in depth.


Flashlights can be used in two ways. To increase the focus of an existing object by making it more bright or to give the dark background extra light. During night time, the light will not be equally spread on all areas and some areas will be totally dark. Flashlights can be used for those places.

Shooting through Glass

Generally, photographers won’t get any roof top or open spaces during the night time. They may have to focus through the glass doors or windows. To avoid reflections, it is better to encase the lens in a thin cloth.

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